Available Office Spaces

We currently have several move-in-ready and build-to-suit office spaces available near Boston MA. We offer flexible lease terms and competitive rates, starting as low as $16 per square foot.


Lakeside Park – 607 North Avenue

Suite 161C1,864 SF1st Floor
Ideally suited for therapists, aestheticians, or doctors, this suite features a handful of private rooms with solid doors. It has a reception desk built-in, a larger back room with a kitchen, and its own door to the outdoors.
Suite 181E400 SF1st Floor
Suite 142C314 SF2nd Floor
Private office overlooking a field with a waiting room in the front.
Suite 142D671 SF2nd Floor
Two private rooms and a server or closet area make up this efficiently-arranged space.
Suite 142J1,530 SF2nd Floor
Suite 142K170 SF2nd Floor
Suite 162B414 SF2nd Floor
One open-concept room on the second floor.
Suite 172D1,100 SF2nd Floor
Small-to-medium sized build-to-suit space.
Suite 182A329 SF2nd Floor
Suite 182C1,548 SF2nd Floor

Lakeside Park – 599 North Avenue

Suite 081D778 SF1st Floor
This first floor space features three offices and an entry area.

Lakeside Park – 591 North Avenue

Suite 031E1,816 SF1st Floor
Suite 051B540 SF1st Floor
Single rectangular room.
Suite A2A3,923 SF2nd Floor
Large office suite with a kitchen, open area, and a handful of individual offices. Also features a private staircase.
Suite 052D614 SF2nd Floor
The efficient layout of this space offers two individual offices and an entry/common area.
Suite 022C603 SF2nd Floor
Suite 022E2,260 SF2nd Floor
Suite 032A486 SF2nd Floor
Office with a small waiting area.