Available Office Spaces

We currently have several move-in-ready and build-to-suit office spaces available near Boston MA. We offer flexible lease terms and competitive rates, starting as low as $16 per square foot.


Lakeside Park – 607 North Avenue

Suite 121E625 SF1st Floor
Conveniently located on the corner of the park nearest to the highway, this quiet first floor office is ideally sized for a lawyer, CPA, or other professional. It has a reception room and another private office, plus a sizable closet.
Suite 111E2,334 SF1st Floor
For a medium-sized business requiring a pleasant aesthetic and great walk-in visibility, this office features glass panels on the front wall and a convenient first floor location. Six offices, plus a central room for meetings, servers or storage.
Suite 161C1,864 SF1st Floor
Ideally suited for therapists, aestheticians, or doctors, this suite features a handful of private rooms with solid doors. It has a reception desk built-in, a larger back room with a kitchen, and its own door to the outdoors.
Suite 181C1,292 SF1st Floor
Formerly used as a fitness studio, this first-floor space on a very quiet corner of the park is ideal for physical activities.
Suite 181B2,250 SF1st Floor
A medium-sized office suite consisting of two entrances and numerous private offices. Includes a reception area and an entrance on a very quiet corner of the park.
Suite 151D400 SF1st Floor
A single office on the first floor.
Suite 151B1,956 SF1st Floor
A complete front and back door first-floor office suite. Features private offices, a conference room, a storage room, and a kitchenette. Additionally, there is a larger rom with its own sink and tile flooring for special purposes (or extra cleanliness).
Suite 142J859 SF2nd Floor
This quiet interior office offers our best value for those seeking storage or other low-key accommondations.
Suite 112B1,200 SF2nd Floor
Nice four-room suite featuring a kitchen on the second floor.
Suite 142C314 SF2nd Floor
Private office overlooking a field with a waiting room in the front.
Suite 142D671 SF2nd Floor
Two private rooms and a server or closet area make up this efficiently-arranged space.
Suite 162B414 SF2nd Floor
One open-concept room on the second floor.
Suite 172D1,100 SF2nd Floor
Small-to-medium sized build-to-suit space.
Suite 172A716 SF2nd Floor
Slightly larger single office on the second floor overlooking a peaceful field.

Lakeside Park – 599 North Avenue

Suite 081D778 SF1st Floor
This first floor space features three offices and an entry area.
Suite 061L371 SF1st Floor
This single office is on the first floor towards the middle of the office park.
Suite 072B1,939 SF2nd Floor
This second floor office suite features a corner office with a lake view, reception area built-in, and a private kitchen.
Suite 092C800 SF2nd Floor
This elevator-accessible space on the second floor features a reception room entering onto two private offices.

Lakeside Park – 591 North Avenue

Suite 051E310 SF1st Floor
Private office with small waiting room.
Suite 051B540 SF1st Floor
Single rectangular room.
Suite 022B1,473 SF2nd Floor
Multi-office corner suite overlooking quiet Willard Street.
Suite A2A3,923 SF2nd Floor
Large office suite with a kitchen, open area, and a handful of individual offices. Also features a private staircase.
Suite 052D614 SF2nd Floor
The efficient layout of this space offers two individual offices and an entry/common area.
Suite 052B1,436 SF2nd Floor
Multi-office suite facing the hotel on Lake Quannapowitt.
Suite 032A486 SF2nd Floor
Office with a small waiting area.