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5 Corporate Team Building Activities Near Boston Your Coworkers Will Actually WANT To Participate In

Coworkers Enjoying Team Building Activities Near Boston

If you’ve ever been part of an organization, chances are you’ve been encouraged (or forced) to participate in the occasional team building activity. Whether it was doing trust falls off of the table in the conference room or sharing fun facts about yourself while sitting in a circle with your coworkers, one thing is for…
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How to Stay Warm in a Cold Office

Young woman in glasses cupping a mug and wearing a warm wrap around her shoulders at desk in cold office

The battle over the office thermostat is an age-old dilemma. While more women than men lament that the office is too cold, it’s actually the number one complaint among all office workers in numerous workplace polls. Unfortunately, the solution offered by the rest of the warm-blooded world is simply to “put on a sweater.” And…
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Freelancing vs. Hiring an Employee: Weighing The Options

Female Freelancer Working

Small businesses are just that: small.  For many startups and entrepreneurial endeavors, keeping the employee roster relatively limited is key. Even when the workload begins to pick up, many small companies avoid hiring additional full time help in an effort to avoid extra expenses and overhead that could reduce profitability. As a result, we’ve begun…
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