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10 Office Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

It’s that time of year again when we all draw names from a hat and need to come up with something clever and inexpensive for an office Secret Santa we may or may not know very well.

Whatever type of gift exchange you’re participating in, we’ve come up with some holiday gift exchange ideas for your office party that won’t break the bank, are entirely appropriate for a colleague or boss, and you won’t mind taking home at the end of a White Elephant exchange.

10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Office

1. Succulents

Succulents make excellent desk plants and can be found at local farmer’s markets, craft shows, florists, and even online. According to this Jacksonville property management company in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and arrangements, you can find a succulent for pretty much any budget and walk away with an office Secret Santa gift idea that brightens someone’s day and desk.

2. Desk Vacuum

The desk vacuum is mostly useless and entirely hilarious. From a desktop shop-vac to pigs that will suck up your mess, there’s a desk vacuum for everyone!

3. Whimsical Tape Dispenser

Brighten a co-worker’s desk with this Hedgehog Tape Dispenser. Made by Scotch®, it has a weighted, non-skid base for easy, one-handed dispensing.

4. Puzzle and LEGO-Inspired Calendar

Do you have a coworker who likes puzzles and building things? Check out this LEGO-inspired calendar that lets them reconstruct their month every 30 days…it’s the gift that just keeps giving!

5. Bubble Wrap Calendar

Do I really need to say more? This bubble wrap calendar is simultaneously for the person in your office who’s the most like a kid, yet has the best self-control. How could you not pop all of the days at once?!

6. Heated Accessories

For the co-worker who is always cold, heated desk accessories are fun and practical. Choose a cozy blanket, fingerless gloves or splurge on a foot warmer and heated mouse.

7. Wireless Charger

Tired of lending out your phone charger and never getting it back? This Wireless Charging Pad is the perfect gift for the co-worker who is always asking if anyone has an extra iPhone charger.

8. Mug Warmer

A mug warmer makes a great gift for the co-worker who is always getting pulled into a meeting before they finish their morning cup.

9. Eyeglass Holder

Help your bespectacled co-workers keep tabs on their glasses with this comical wooden eyeglass holder in the shape of a nose.

10. Foot Hammock

We all may be at work, but that’s no reason our feet shouldn’t be on vacation! Send your coworker on a beach getaway right from his or her desk with an under-the-desk foot hammock! (This has the added bonus of also helping to make sitting at a desk more comfortable and ergonomic!)

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