5 Best Project Management Tools for Small Business

When you’re running a small business, there’s very little room for dips in productivity. Luckily, app culture has given rise to a number of project management tools that can keep your team on track and eliminate friction points, like emails and document sharing.

We’ve collected a few of our favorite project management tools for small business based on your team’s size.

Project Management for 2-20 Employees

screen shot of trello project management homepage


Absolutely free (with a gold option available for $45 a year), Trello offers small businesses a way to visualize their projects in a single screen.

With cards for ideas, to-dos, conversations, and document collection, Trello is a great way to collaborate and keep track of progress without breaking your budget.

Project Management for 20-75 Employees

Screen shot of asana project management tools for small business


Asana is perfect for collaborating with a larger team, especially if some team members work remotely. Asana keeps track of action items, assignments, file sharing, and scheduling. Teams can abandon email completely in favor of Asana, which will keep track of everything they need to complete their projects on time and under budget.

Starting at $21 a month, Asana is also affordable for small businesses.

Project Management for 75-200 Employees

Screen shot of slack product page


Though they bill themselves as a communication platform, Slack is so much more than a messaging app. Imagine that instead of an overflowing inbox, all the conversations about your projects were in one place. You can also drag-and-drop files and integrate your other tools to further increase productivity by concentrating all your notifications.

We especially recommend Slack for medium-sized businesses that have their own project management system in place already but find that poor communication is hurting their productivity and work-flow.

Project Management for 200+ employees

screenshot of basecamp home page


Ditch the server and keep your team and their projects in Basecamp. The interface allows you to keep track of clients, know when deadlines are coming up, determine who made what decision, and follow discussions without the mess of an email chain.

With an easy-to-use interface and plans starting at just $20 a month, Basecamp will get your team organized no matter its size!   

Project Management for Teams of Any Size

Screenshot of Monday.com


Monday.com is a versatile project management operating system geared towards businesses with at least some team member working remotely. It serves as a virtual hub, making communication and collaboration on projects easy. It also tracks project status, provides project templates, and can integrate with the tools you’re already using – like Slack, Zoom, or ZenDesk – to keep all of your work components in one place.

Monday.com provides a free 14-day trial so you can really explore the platform before deciding whether or not it fits the needs of your team. Ready to sign on? There are options for various business sizes/budgets so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Invest in the Tools You Need to Get The Job Done – and Done Well!    

Effective project management is key for businesses of all sizes in many industries – but it’s also something that many businesses struggle with.

If you’re hoping to collaborate and work as a team efficiently, investing in the tools you need is imperative. They are an added expense, but if you’re hoping to provide top of the line service and results for your clients and drive up profitability, the return on investment is well worth the price you’ll pay. 

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Editor’s note: This content was originally published in September 2016, but has been updated as of May 2020.