5 Expert Tips for Office Design

Interior designer's working table, an architectural plan of an office, a color palette, furniture and fabric samples in yellow and grey color. Drawings and plans for office

Where you work affects how you work, which is why office design is about so much more than simple aesthetics. If you find it hard to focus, or notice your team’s productivity is waning, a poorly-designed office could be the culprit.

Whether you’re planning an overhaul of your existing workspace or leasing your very first office, here are five design tips to ensure you create an office that works for you.

Add Color & Personality

Drab wall colors, devoid of artwork, or worse, covered in those kitschy motivational posters from the nineties, is not only boring and cliché, but it can sap your employees’ energy and send clients the wrong message. Choosing the best paint color for your office, covering the walls with truly inspirational artwork, and encouraging employees to add their own personality within their individual workspaces can have a really positive impact on creativity and overall performance.

Expert Tip: Embrace your brand by using logo colors in your office design.

Go Green

According to a recent study, indoor environmental quality has a profound impact on our cognitive thinking and decision-making skills, and the easiest way to improve air quality in your office is to add plants. Not only do office plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in your space, but they’ve been proven to remove manmade toxins from the air, and can reduce the amount of dust, mold and bacteria that you and your employees are breathing in.

Expert Tip: Spider plants, snake plants, pothos, cactus and succulents make the best plants for an office.

Let There Be Light

It’s no secret that sunlight makes us all a littler happier, but it does even more than that. In fact, when office workers are exposed to more natural light at the office, they experience better sleep quality, have more energy and are more productive at work – and that’s backed by science. Unfortunately, not all office buildings are blessed with big windows. If you aren’t able to strategically design your office around natural light, make sure to use light, bright paint colors, and include both overhead lighting and floor lamps with LED and CFL bulbs, which offer a bright white light, similar to direct sunlight.

Expert Tip: Create the look of windows with architectural frames inset with mirrors, which will help to bounce light around the room.

Relax & Unwind

It might sound counterintuitive, but in order to maintain focus and productivity, we need to give our minds and bodies mini-breaks throughout the day. Employees need to be able to get up and stretch their legs, grab a cup of coffee and chat informally with their colleagues without disrupting the rest of the office, which is why providing a casual employee lounge to unwind away from the stresses of the work day is an important aspect of office design – and one that is often overlooked.

Expert Tip: Include comfortable seating, like you might find in a coffee shop, and place your employee lounge next to the kitchen. This will create a home-like feel and confine the noise to one specific area.

Keep the Peace (and Quiet)

While open offices are often celebrated as being more affordable and fostering greater collaboration and communication, there are also many disadvantages of an open office floor plan. One of which is the open office’s negative impact on productivity. Shared public spaces are great for meetings and collaboration, but don’t forget to include a designated quiet zone, partitioned off from the rest of the office, for employees who prefer to work away from noise and visual distractions.

Expert Tip: Include a few private offices in your design, and allow employees to sign them out when they need to work independently or focus on a task.

Build-to-Suit Office Space Near Boston

No matter what industry you work in, your office space should reflect your company culture and personality. Unfortunately, not all landlords and property management companies allow tenants to make changes to their office space, but The Lakeside Park does!

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