7 Things You Should Do on Your Lunch Break

If you’re like the majority of professionals – roughly 62% – you probably eat lunch at your desk. Of course, that’s if you’re eating lunch at all. Americans have become work-obsessed and it’s not necessarily a good thing. We all need food to function at our best, and a little time to recharge does wonders for our productivity, too.

Here are 7 things you should do on your lunch break to maintain a healthy balance of happiness and success at work.

Lunch Break Recommendations

1. Eat.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but millions of Americans actually forego the midday meal to keep on working, and it’s a mistake. Starvation just makes it harder for you to concentrate later in the day.

No time to pack a lunch? The Lakeside Park is just minutes away from dozens of nearby restaurants and eateries.

2. Take a real break.

Sometimes eating at your desk can’t be avoided, but don’t make it the norm. Get up from your desk and focus on something other than work. Even if it’s just a brisk walk along the banks of Lake Quannapowitt. Try not to bring your work with you, check your email or talk about work while at lunch either.

3. Connect with people.

Whether it’s a co-worker you rarely see face-to-face, or a friend that works nearby, use your lunch break to socialize. In a world with increasingly less human interaction, ensure you’re getting your daily dose.

4. Run errands.

Some tasks – such as going to the bank or the doctor – can’t be done before or after work, so plan to tackle them during your lunch break. With a full-service bank, an accountant, a physical therapist and other services located within The Lakeside Park, running errands is a cinch! Just be careful not to overload your hour with an impossible list of to-do’s.

5. Make a plan.

While you shouldn’t spend your whole lunch break thinking about work, it’s a god idea to spend a few minutes assessing your morning, figuring out where you are at, and prioritizing your afternoon.

6. Recharge.

Lunch is your chance to wind down from your morning and re-energize for the rest of your day, so do whatever you need to relax and recharge. Take a walk, meditate or maybe squeeze in a workout with a personal trainer at Fitness Balanced, or another local gym.

7. Change it up.

Have you noticed that you frequent the same deli multiple times a week, or spend every lunch hour frantically running errands? Don’t get stuck in a routine. Try to change things up now and then to boost your mood and clear your head.

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