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Benefits of Renting Office Space in an Office Park

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

If you’re preparing to rent an office space for your business, whether it’s a new business or a growing business that needs a new place to call home, chances are you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options.

From selecting a location that’s convenient for both employees and customers to choosing a space that is appropriately sized for your business as it is now but will also accommodate future growth, there’s so much to consider.

One thing you may not realize you’ll need to consider, however, is whether you’d rather select a freestanding location for your organization, or if a space within an office park is the better way to go.

In many cases, the answer to this will depend heavily on the type of business you run and the size of the space that you’re looking for. However, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that if your organization can find a space within an office park, it could be hugely advantageous for a number of reasons.

Advantages of Office Rentals Within an Office Park

Considering an office space that’s part of a larger business park or plaza? Here are some of the perks you can expect to enjoy if you rent a space for your organization in a place like The Lakeside Park.

Opportunities for New Business

Working in an office park exposes you to the potential for new clients and customers in a number of ways. Firstly, you’ll have neighboring businesses that can refer their customers to you if your business can fulfill a need for them. Secondly, you’ll gain added exposure to their clients and customers firsthand, just by having your business presence in close proximity.

If you have a storefront, you can expect to see foot traffic within the office park, which is another great way to increase brand awareness and be exposed to new clientele. Additionally, establishing your business within an office park can be a great way to gain credibility, which can help you gain customers as well.

Room To Grow

Office parks are typically made up of office spaces in a variety of layouts and sizes. This means that if you ultimately outgrow the space that you initially rented, there’s a chance you’ll be able to find another space within the park to accommodate you. Another benefit: your business won’t have to move far!

Having an ongoing relationship with the facility management can be hugely advantageous when the time comes to size up your business’ space. They may be able to help you get set up with another space in the park, or point you in the direction of a different local space that can meet your needs. Either way, it simplifies the process when you’re ready to make another move.

Chances for Collaboration

In many industries, collaboration is key. Office parks offer great opportunities for collaboration between businesses. According to Hawk-Eye whether you partner with another organization to host a networking event, or you refer clients and customers between your business and your neighboring organizations, an office park can be a great way to connect with other local companies in ways that you’ll all benefit from.

On-Site Parking

A major benefit of setting up shop in an office park is on-site parking. While at first glance, this may seem somewhat trivial, it’s actually a huge convenience – both for employees and for clients and customers.

On-site parking makes your business more easily accessible. And while renting an office space in a city may seem tempting, in most cases suburban office parks have a significant upper hand when it comes to parking.


On-site parking is just one of the conveniences of setting up your business within an office park.

Other conveniences include:

  • Additional amenities that you likely won’t find with expensive downtown leases

  • Ease of accessibility from suburbs

  • The fact that you’ll be just steps away from other businesses, banks, shops and restaurants that meet your day-to-day needs

  • Lower rental costs

Suburban Environment

Business parks are typically located in the suburbs, and there are myriad benefits to working outside the city. For one thing, you’ll likely be able to afford more space for your business with the same budget.

Additionally, employees can enjoy reduced commute times, capitalize on the benefits of working in a natural setting, and benefit from many of the conveniences of the city without the hassle of working downtown on a daily basis.

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