10 Benefits of Pet Friendly Workplaces

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You may have noticed that in recent years, more and more offices have become pet friendly. Much to the delight of many employees, a steadily increasing number of workplaces in a variety of industries have adopted bring-your-pet-to-work policies.

But pet friendly workplaces are much more than just a trend. In fact, offices that allow their employees to bring their pets to work are continuing to become increasingly popular for good reason.

It turns out pet friendly workplaces offer a variety of valuable benefits, both for employees and for employers!

Thinking about making your workplace pet friendly? Here are some positive effects of pet friendly workplaces you should definitely keep in mind!

10 Positive Effects of Workplace Pet-Friendliness

Though there certainly may be complications that come along with introducing animals into your office space, in most cases the benefits FAR outweigh the difficulties. There are dozens of benefits related to having pets in the workplace!

Here are ten important reasons why you should consider making your workplace pet friendly.

1. Improved Workplace Morale

Having pets in the workplace has been shown to improve employee morale. Wagging tails around the office increase happiness levels, helping workers to feel more content at work.

Wondering if morale is an issue at your office? Keep an eye out for these warning signs that indicate low morale and, if you detect any, consider going pet-friendly to help turn things around.

2. Increased Employee Retention

Though pet friendly workplaces are becoming more common, they still aren’t the norm. Many employees who enjoy bringing their pets to work prefer to stay with companies that enable them to do so.

3. Reduced Stress

Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace has helped to reduce employee stress levels without negatively impacting productivity levels.

4. Improved Work/Life Balance

Bringing pets to work helps employees to improve their work/life balance. Having an animal companion in the office can be a great way to bridge the gap between life at home and life at work.

5. Improved Employee Health

Studies have shown that pets can have surprising positive impacts on overall health. From helping to reduce stress to improving blood pressure, pets – specifically dogs – in the workplace can help to improve overall employee health.

6. Increased Employee Activity & Exercise

Having pets in the workplace encourages employees to get away from their desks and move throughout the day. Most people tend to bring their dogs to work and no matter the weather outside or the workload inside, the pups’ bathroom breaks and walk requests keep their human companions active.

7. Improved Office Atmosphere & Company Culture

Pets in the workplace tend to improve the office atmosphere and enhance the company culture overall. Having pets at work makes the office feel more like home for employees, which makes it easier for them to want to come to work, and to mind less if they need to stay late!

8. Added Convenience for Employees

Full time employees with pets constantly need to balance caring for their pets with their work schedules. Allowing pets in the workplace simplifies the lives of pet owners and makes pet ownership much more convenient.

9. Improved Work Relationships and Collaboration

Pets tend to bring people together. They are great conversation starters and can encourage healthy, productive relationships, collaboration and socialization between employees.

10. Attractiveness to Millennials and Other Talented Employees

Looking to attract young, talented employees? Many of the premier applicants in the market for a new job are looking for forward thinking companies who offer benefits like pet friendly workspaces. Pet friendliness is a unique attribute that can help to set your company apart from others for applicants and potential new hires.

Want To Make Your Office Pet Friendly? Go For It!

If you’re thinking about making your office pet friendly, we say give it a try! There are so many ways you, your company, your employees, and your pets can benefit from a pet friendly workplace.

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Editor’s Note: This content was originally published in 2017 but has been updated as of November 2019.