Ten Tips to Make Business Travel Easier

Whether you’re traveling out of town for a week-long conference or doing an overnight to meet with an out-of-area client, business travel can be a hassle.

From coordinating flight and transportation arrangements to remembering to turn on your out-of-office reply back at the office, there’s a lot to keep in mind as you prepare to travel for business.

We’ve put together 10 tips to help make business travel easier, whether you’re a seasoned professional with lots of miles under your belt or you’re new to the business travel scene.

Business Travel Tips: 10 Ways to Make Business Travel More Convenient

There are lots of ways you can make traveling for your job a bit more pleasant and less stressful. Here are ten of our best tips for taking the hassle out of traveling for conferences, meetings and other business-related reasons.

1. Make a List

This tip is especially helpful if you travel for business frequently, but it’s also useful even if you only travel on occasion. Having a pre-prepared list can help you streamline the packing process and ensure that you pack everything you need without too many extra items.

2. Pack Strategically

It’s well worth it to spend a little bit of extra time packing the things you plan to bring with you on a business trip strategically. Put small items in your shoes so you constructively use that empty space. When choosing your outfits, consider only items that will pack and travel well; don’t bring things that will wrinkle easily! Try rolling your clothes if you’re low on space and want to squeeze in a few extra things.

If you’re flying and you don’t plan to check your bag, keep your liquids together and make sure electronics are accessible so you can take them out easily when you go through security. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve packed things you’ll want to access on the plane or train in places where you can easily get to them.

3. Avoid Checking Luggage

If you’re flying, try to avoid checking any luggage. While this may limit what you can bring with you, it can also reduce the potential for travel complications and lost luggage. You won’t have to worry if your flight is delayed or you miss your connection, because your luggage will be right there with you the whole time.

4. Charge Your Electronics – and Bring Battery Backups

Outlets and charging stations are in high demand at airports, train stations, and other travel hubs. WIth that in mind, be sure to fully charge all of your electronics ahead of time, before you hit the road. From laptops and tablets to your phone and your wireless headphones, it’s helpful to know you’re at 100% when you head out so you can get by even if you don’t have access to outlets and chargers along the way.

It’s also a great idea to bring along back up batteries and charger packs if possible. That way, you won’t have to worry at all if you start running low on charge and you can’t find a free outlet.

5. Bring Snacks

Don’t let yourself get ‘hangry’ along the way! Be sure to bring along some healthy snacks. That way, if you’re running between connecting flights or you don’t have time to grab lunch before heading to a meeting with a client, you have something nutritious to put in your stomach.

If you want to feel your best and be mentally agile while you are traveling, you need to feed your body. Don’t let your healthy eating habits fall by the wayside just because you’re away from home.

6. Invest in Quality Luggage

Durable luggage can be costly but it’s well worth the investment, especially if you travel frequently. It’s convenient – you don’t want to be rushing through the airport to catch your flight and lose a wheel along the way – but it’s also logical. You’re using your luggage to organize and protect the things you’re bringing with you every step along the way. If you want your things to get from Point A to Point B securely, high quality luggage is a must.

Luggage goes through some pretty rough conditions, from being dragged along cobblestone streets and up sidewalk curbs to being thrown from the storage hold of an airplane into the transfer cart. Finding a suitcase or garment bag you know you can rely on can put your mind at ease and make your travels that much smoother.

7. Join Rewards Programs

If you want to travel on a budget but enjoy the perks of being a VIP, travel rewards programs are your best bet. From credit cards that reward you with miles and benefits to booking with hotels and airlines that offer you discounts and perks, there are many ways you can upgrade your travel experience without breaking the bank.

8. Dress in Layers

Temperatures can be hard to regulate when you’re on the go, especially if you’re traveling by bus, train or airplane where you are limited in terms of the adjustments you can make within your personal space. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to dress in layers when you’re traveling.

Wear a light base layer and bring along a sweatshirt, jacket or cardigan that you can easily throw on or take off if you’re feeling cold or hot.

9. Create a Travel-Size Toiletry Kit

Toiletries are important items you want to be sure to have with you, but they are the kind of things that are usually packed at the last minute and can easily be forgotten. They can also present a challenge when it comes to air travel, since many liquid toiletries come in quantities larger than what’s approved for carrying on.

Take this extra complication out of your travel routine by putting together a travel-size toiletry kit that’s always ready to go. Invest in some small, carry-on approved containers, fill them up with the products you usually bring along and keep this toiletry kit assembled and on hand so it’s ready to go when you are.

10. Create an Itinerary

Keep yourself on track without stressing during your next trip by creating a detailed itinerary. Include as much information as you can so you have all the travel details you need in one place. From departure times and arrival times to hotel addresses, meeting agendas and contact phone numbers, having one document with it all intact can take some of the stress out of your travel plans, while helping you to make sure you arrive when and where you need to.

It only takes a few minutes to create but it can make a world of difference when it comes to a smooth business travel experience.

Make Business Travel a Breeze

When you’re headed to a conference or meeting out of area, you may not be traveling for leisure – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy traveling for work. The tips above can take some of the stress out of business travel, whether you’re a frequent flyer or you only travel on occasion.

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