Why Solopreneurs Should Consider Renting a Small Office Space

Business woman working independently in a small office space on laptop smiling talking on phone

In this day and age, more people than ever before are working from home. Some are working from their kitchen tables, some in spare bedrooms, others in dedicated office spaces within their houses.  But despite the fact that remote work from these household locations is possible, for many employees and solopreneurs, it’s not actually the…
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“Masking” Our Emotions: How to Communicate Effectively While Wearing a Mask

Workers in the office during pandemic wearing medical masks

You never really think about how much you say with your facial expressions, until more than half your face is covered by a mask. Although necessary for fighting the novel coronavirus, masks can hinder communication, particularly in the workplace, where those tiny facial cues help to establish trust, convey sincerity, and lend credibility to our…
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Tips for Working from Home Effectively

Girl using her laptop to work from home with her cat

If you’re like many employees in the current era of COVID-19, you’re probably working from home right now. Many workers in many industries have been displaced from their offices and shared workspaces in an effort to curtail the spread of germs as this highly contagious virus continues to spread. For some employees, working from home…
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