COVID-19 Update from The Lakeside Park

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The COVID-19 pandemic is top of mind for everyone these days. People and businesses across the country and around the world are being impacted in innumerable ways by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here at The Lakeside Park, we wanted to share a quick update with our tenants and prospective tenants regarding how we are being impacted by the pandemic. 

We’ll answer a few commonly asked questions to ease your minds if you’re currently working with us – or if you’re hoping to work with us to meet your office space needs in the near future.

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Impacting The Lakeside Park

Are You Still Renting Out Office Spaces? 

Yes, we are still leasing spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now is actually an ideal time for some business owners to find new space for their company. In many industries, business has slowed down due to the pandemic, leaving company owners with  more time to dedicate to exploring their office space options.

If you have extra time on your hands and you’re interested in relocating your business, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are still receiving and responding to inquiries. Contact us here, or give us a call at (781) 557-5555.

Has the Office Rental Process Changed?

No, our office space rental process has remained essentially the same despite the pandemic. We have adjusted some aspects slightly to account for social distancing requirements, but the basic procedure remains the same. 

You can find an overview of our office rental process here.

Can I Still Tour the Office Space I’m Interested In?

We are maintaining all required social distancing protocols, but our office spaces can still be shown to potential tenants. Get in touch with us and we will provide you with the details on how you can view the spaces you’re considering.

Get in touch with us here to schedule a tour.

Are Current Tenants Still Working in Their Office Spaces at The Lakeside Park?

Employees at businesses that have been deemed ‘essential’ are still working in their respective spaces at The Lakeside Park. Employees of non-essential businesses are working from home.

What Safety Precautions Do You Have in Place at The Lakeside Park?

Those essential employees still working at The Lakeside Park during the COVID-19 pandemic are observing all social distancing requirements in an effort to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of this highly contagious virus. 

Additionally, we are cleaning daily using chemicals recommended by the CDC for this type of office environment. We have also added an additional shift of sanitizing touch points and restrooms.

We have implemented overnight patrols by in-house personnel as on-site tenants not deemed essential under current directives are working from home.

We Are Still Serving Tenants & Potential Tenants During COVID-19

Whether you’re a current tenant, you’re in the process of renting a space with us, or you’re in need of office space for your business and starting to explore your options, we’re here to help. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out! We would be happy to assist you. 

Interested in learning more about The Lakeside Park? Get the details about the floorplans and spaces we have available here.

Looking for tips about working effectively despite the COVID-19 pandemic? Check out our blog for helpful insight for business owners and employees.