Does My Startup Really Need Office Space?

Contemporary businesswoman computing by her workplace in open space office

These days, businesses and employees have so many options when it comes to where work gets done. From traditional offices to shared workspaces, to cafes with free wi-fi and home offices that allow employees the opportunity to telecommute, “office space” comes in many different shapes and sizes.

While this variety provides a myriad of options for both employers and their employees in terms of finding what works best to keep operations efficient, it can also present challenges.

In the past it was expected that employers would provide a physical workspace for their workers. Now that there are so many alternative options available, many new businesses and startups find themselves wondering if they really need to invest in office space.   

Choosing whether or not to devote a portion of your small business’ precious (and often limited) resources to securing a physical location can be tough.

On the fence about it? Here’s why we think it’s still absolutely worth it to invest in office space for your organization.

Is It Really Worth It For My Business to Have a Space of Its Own?

There’s really no one size fits all answer to this question. However, for growing startups with resources available that could be dedicated to securing office space, we think it’s well worth it.

(Honestly, we even think it’s worth it for solo entrepreneurs to invest in small office spaces to work in, even when working independently. More on that here.)

Having your own private space for your business to operate in is advantageous for a number of reasons, including:


For many startups, the biggest and best ideas are generated through collaboration. If you’re hoping to continue fueling innovation and creativity within your organization, fostering a collaborative spirit is a must. The best way to do so? Provide opportunities for the great minds within your organization to work together.

Having an independent office space where your employees interact on a daily basis can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to making collaboration an easy and natural aspect of your business’ day to day operations.

Team Building

This goes along with collaboration. If you want your business to be made up of a strong and unified team, you’ll need to provide opportunities for team building. Having your employees working in one place can be hugely advantageous when it comes to developing a sense of camaraderie and community which, in turn, can benefit your business as a whole.

Client Meetings

If you’re a client-facing organization, chances are you’ll need to collaborate with clients from time to time – or perhaps on a regular basis. Having a convenient and reliable location where you can consistently do so is beneficial, both for you and for your clients.


Want to keep an eye on your employees and make sure everyone is being held accountable for their actions? Then having an office space is a must. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t trust your employees; micromanaging and nagging your staff is counterproductive more often than not. However, if you want to be sure you’re getting facetime with the people you’re trusting with important project components, having an office location where you can do so is helpful.


Looking to bring in new, high quality talent? Having an office space for your business can help you do so. Your company’s space can be an indication of the quality of your work, the reliability of your organization, and your stature in the industry. As such, having a well-established office space can put you at an advantage as you continue to grow your startup’s staff.


While some of your team members may have home offices or favorite coffee shops that provide free wi-fi, others may struggle to find a place to work on a regular basis if they don’t have a workspace provided to them. Some may not be willing to invest in the materials and equipment they need to do their jobs from home – and it may be more costly for your company to cover the costs of setting up individual employees’ independent workspaces than it would be to just invest in an office space where resources and equipment can be shared.

Having a business location can be convenient when it comes to meeting and collaborating with employees and clients, but it can also be more convenient for employees seeking a place to effectively get work done.


Effective companies are made up of more than employees doing work. They grow and thrive when a healthy company culture has been developed. With employees working remotely or sharing a co-working space with those working for other businesses, you miss out on the opportunity to develop a strong company culture, which can be a huge factor in a company’s success.


When your business does not have a physical location, things can become a bit complicated from a logistical standpoint. Where should you receive mail? Where should clients meet you when they come to town? Where will your team meet about the details of the project you’re launching next week? What address should you list on your website and social media profiles? Where should candidates come to interview for a position at your business?

You can answer these questions – and MANY others that will inevitably come up – if you establish a business location.

Finding Office Space For Your Startup

If the reasons above have convinced you that it might be in your business’ best interest to dedicate some of your resources towards renting office space for your startup, you’re probably wondering where to begin.

We know it can be difficult to find office space that meets your needs and is affordably priced, so we’ve put together a handful of resources to help small business owners on their quest. The following resources are a great place to start:

How Much Office Space Do You Need for Your Business? – Find out how to calculate the amount of square footage you’ll need to establish a physical location for your business and its employees.

What Type of Office Space is Right For You? – Still on the fence about renting office space or in an in-between phase with your startup? FInd out what type of workspace makes the most sense for your organization.

Should I Own or Lease Office Space? – If you’re ready to take the next step by securing a location for your business, this guide will help you determine if buying or leasing is right for you.

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