7 Things All Effective Workspaces Have in Common

Aerial view of a desktop with a cup of coffee, glasses, a pen, post it notes, a keyboard and a notebook

Office spaces come in all shapes and sizes. From coworking spaces and open floor plans to virtual offices with employees who work remotely, it seems like more traditional office setups have fallen by the wayside.

Still, there are a handful of things that all of these spaces must still have in common in order for them to be effective. These are things that most employees look for and crave whether they’re working in their own space at home or they’re commuting to the office each day.

Thinking of changing up your workspace? Make sure you include these 7 key elements of effective workspaces in your redesign.

Elements of Effective Workspaces

1. A Practical Desk

Whether it’s a traditional desk with drawers for storing files or a standing desk with a minimalist design, it’s important to make sure that the desk in your workspace is practical. Depending on the industry you work in, this can mean different things; the same desk won’t work for everyone.

Focus on ensuring that the desk you choose meets your specific needs. If you’re selecting desks for a team of employees, consider asking them what desk styles and features they’d find most useful and go from there.

2. A Comfortable Chair

If you work at an office job, you spend 8 hours a day – or more – sitting at your desk. Not surprisingly, choosing a comfortable and ergonomically sound chair should be a top priority.

Find one that encourages good posture and has effective cushioning and back support. Your body will thank you, and you’ll be able to better focus on the tasks at hand if you’re not constantly contemplating how uncomfortable your chair is.

3. Temperature Regulation

Office wars have been waged over heat and air conditioning. While your entire team may not agree on which temperature is best, one this is for certain: you need to be able to regulate and adjust the temperature in your workspace.

No one likes to spend the day shivering with their teeth chattering or, conversely, simmering in a pool of their own sweat. When it comes to creating a comfortable workspace, temperature is a huge factor – one that should not be overlooked!

4. Everyday Conveniences

From snacks, cold water and freshly brewed coffee to microwaves, plates, napkins and utensils, having everyday conveniences available at the office is hugely helpful. It makes employees feel more at home and helps make it easier to spend dozens of hours a week in the workplace.

Basic conveniences go a long way, but adding a few extras is an easy way to make your workspace feel even more upscale. Adding toothpicks and mouthwash in the restrooms, investing in a Keurig so employees can make hot beverages of their choosing, having a handful of spare phone chargers available – all of these small gestures can make your workplace seem more appealing to new and existing employees.

5. Natural Light

Having natural light in a workspace is something that’s often overlooked, but it’s actually hugely important. Being stuck indoors working all day can be a bummer for employees, but being completely isolated from sunlight can be torturous.

Ensure that the spaces you provide for workers are well lit and include at least some access to windows and views of the outdoors. Believe it or not, a little bit of natural light can help to boost morale and keep attitudes positive.

6. Private Restrooms

It’s inevitable that nature’s going to call during the workday. When it does, having a private place for employees to relieve themselves is absolutely necessary. People don’t want to deal with awkward bathroom encounters and potential embarrassment – they just want to do their business in peace. Give them a restroom where they can do so.

7. Cleanliness

This seems like a no brainer, but it’s absolutely worth mentioning. Having a clean workspace is a must if you want employees to feel comfortable and content. No one likes dust bunnies swirling around in the corners or old, stinky leftovers rotting in the fridge.

Hiring a reliable cleaning service is a great idea if keeping the office tidy isn’t something your team can manage on top of all your other responsibilities. It’s an investment that’s well worth it if you want your workspace to be as effective as possible.

Why Invest in These Office Elements?

Most employees don’t ask for all that much besides a fair salary and benefits – but these 7 things are absolute necessities for office spaces.


These days, with the market for good employees being so competitive, having an appealing office space that your employees can call home is a huge benefit that could put you ahead of other employers.

Additionally, workers that are comfortable and content in the space where they spend the majority of their time each week are happier, healthier and more productive overall.

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