How to Find Cheap Office Space Near Boston

Searching for Office Space Near Boston

Boston MA is a very popular place for startups, expanding businesses, and companies that are relocating. As a result, finding available office space can be a challenge.

Finding available office space that is affordable can seem nearly impossible.

Affordable Boston office space does exist – you just have to know where to look! We have a few tips for businesses searching for cheap office space in the Boston MA area.

3 Tips for Finding Cheap Boston Office Space for Rent

1. Join a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have been cropping up all over the place lately, and for good reason. These shared working environments are an increasingly popular and affordable option for employees in a variety of industries. They offer flexibility and networking opportunities, since most people who share the coworking space work for different organizations.

If you’re having a hard time finding affordable Boston office space where you can set up a headquarters for your business, consider looking into coworking space where you can collaborate with your coworkers, or offer your employees the opportunity to work at a space that’s convenient for them while your company foots the bill.

Learn more about the benefits of coworking and shared office spaces in the Boston area.

2. Check Out Older Office Spaces

Everyone wants to claim a corner of Boston’s newest office spaces. While these spaces may be new and improved, they are also incredibly expensive to rent in most cases – not to mention the competition for them is fierce.

The truth is, older office spaces have lots to offer as well. In fact, there are many perks to renting older office space for your business:

  • Old spaces tend to have unique character that is typically lacking in newer office buildings and spaces.
  • Outdated spaces can be updated to suite your business’ unique needs.
  • Typically, with older spaces you can afford to rent more space for less money.

If you’re looking for cheap office space near Boston, looking at older buildings and unique spaces can be a great option. You can save a lot while still finding an office location that truly suits your business.

Learn more about the advantages of renting older, even outdated office space here.

3. Look Outside of Boston

Office space in the heart of Boston can be prohibitively expensive for start ups, small businesses, and expanding companies with limited budgets. Your business will be in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city if you snag one of these spaces, but you’ll certainly be paying for it.

Expanding your search for office space to the areas outside of Boston can make a huge difference. You’ll find available spaces that are affordable and still very convenient to Boston.

If you choose to go this route, be sure to check out office space at The Lakeside Park in Wakefield, MA. With spaces in a variety of sizes and layouts, plus prices starting at just $16* per square foot for modified gross lease (includes utility costs), office suites and commercial spaces at The Lakeside Park are an affordable option for any business looking to establish a location in the Boston MA area.

You Can Find Cheap Office Space Near Boston – You Just Have to Know Where to Look!

It is possible to find affordable commercial space for rent near Boston MA, even if you are a start up company with a limited budget! Keep these tips in mind as you’re searching and hopefully you will find a place that suits your needs.

Wondering what type of office space might be right for you? Check out this important list of questions to help you narrow it down!

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