A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Friendly Office Spaces

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Pet friendly office spaces are becoming increasingly popular these days. A steadily increasing number of workplaces in a variety of industries throughout the US and the world are adapting policies that enable employees to bring their pets to work on a regular basis.

Thinking about joining in on the trend? Wondering if it might be possible to make your workplace pet friendly? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to pet friendly office spaces, so you can find all the information you need in one place when it comes to setting up a pet friendly workplace.

Getting Started with a Pet Friendly Workplace

So you want to adopt a pet friendly culture at your office. But where do you start?

It’s important to gather some information before you move forward with establishing a pet friendly workplace.

Whether you choose to discuss it at a company meeting, chat with people around the water cooler, or send around a survey, the first thing you should do is find out whether or not others in your office are interested in creating a pet friendly workplace.

Pet friendly offices are the most successful when the vast majority of employees are on board and invested in the idea. To get a sense of how people in your workplace feel about dog friendly offices, it’s important to have a straightforward discussion.

Here are some questions to help you get the conversation started as you explore how people in your office feel about working in a pet friendly environment:

  • Are people interested in bringing their pets to the office?
  • Has anyone worked in a pet friendly workspace before? How was it?
  • Would people be willing to try out a pet friendly workspace?
  • Is it possible to set up your current workspace in a way that could accommodate pets?
  • Do any employees have any pet allergies?
  • Is anyone in the office fearful of dogs or other pets?
  • Does anyone feel that they could not work with pets in the workspace?
  • Overall, do you feel that having pets in the office could benefit the company?

Having these conversations and exploring the option of setting up a pet friendly workplace is a great way to introduce the idea to your coworkers. It will also help you to begin to get a sense of whether or not it makes sense to pursue a pet friendly workplace.

Understanding the Benefits of Pet Friendly Offices

One of the major reasons that pet friendly workplaces are growing in popularity is that they provide numerous benefits – for employees, for employers, and for pets!

Check out these 10 benefits of pet friendly offices:

Infographic outlining the benefits of pet friendly office spaces

You can read more about the benefits of pet friendly workplaces here.

TIP: Struggling to get management or coworkers on board with your effort to create a pet friendly workplace? Sharing the infographic above or this article with them may help to change their minds.

Creating a Pet Friendly Workspace

Setting up a pet friendly workspace doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of forethought and work to get things set up in a way that is safe and comfortable for both pets and employees.

If you’re hoping to adjust your office to accommodate pets, be sure you’re ready to tackle the transformation yourself, or with a team of coworkers who are also on board with your pet friendly mission.

Wondering how to go about turning a regular office space into a pet friendly one? Check out these six tips for making your workplace dog friendly for guidance that will help you on your way.

Infographic guide to how to set up a pet friendly office space

You can find more information on all six of our tips for making your workplace dog friendly here.

Finding Office Spaces That Allow Pets

If you’re lucky enough to work in a building that allows pets, creating a pet friendly space might be as easy as following the steps we outlined above.

If the building you currently work in does not allow pets on the premises, things may be a bit more complicated. If your company is truly invested in adopting a pet friendly culture, relocating may be necessary. But that means you’ll need to find an office space that allows pets.

How to Find Pet Friendly Office Space

Despite the increasing popularity of pet friendly offices, many traditional office spaces still don’t welcome household pets on the premises. This can make it challenging – though not impossible – to find a space that will accommodate a pet friendly employer.

So how do you find office space that allows pets? Here are a few tips:

  • Search Online: Many office spaces that allow pets advertise that they do so in an effort to help them stand out from other office rentals. Do some online research and see if you can find any spaces in your area that are willing to accommodate pet friendly businesses.
  • Ask Around: With more and more pet friendly workplaces cropping up these days, chances are you know someone who works in one. Ask around to find out if there are any available office spaces in pet friendly buildings, or if anyone knows of local landlords or property managers that might be willing to open their doors to pets.
  • Look at Unconventional Spaces: Some property rentals and traditional office spaces aren’t set up to accommodate pet friendly businesses, and many times they are not willing to change their policies. As a result, sometimes it’s best to look at slightly less conventional office spaces if you’re hoping to go pet friendly.

Preparing Your Pet For Life At The Office

For maximum success with a pet friendly workplace, the space isn’t the only thing you’ll need to prepare. It’s also a good idea to some prep with your pets to get them ready for office life.

Here are a few important things you should do to with your pet to help them prepare for and acclimate to being in your workplace on a regular basis.

  • Do Some Basic Training: Your pet will need to be very well behaved in the office, so having some basic obedience training under your belt will be helpful. While not absolutely necessary, formal obedience classes can be incredibly helpful and beneficial as you’re preparing your dog for life at the office. Many local pet stores offer basic training classes that are well worth looking into and investing in, especially if you’re planning to introduce your pup to the office.
  • Do A Trial Run: Before you decide for certain that you’re going to bring your pet to work on a daily basis, do a trial run (or two) to make sure office life agrees with him or her. Pets can be nervous and skittish about funny things. You’ll want to make sure that nothing in the environment makes your pet uncomfortable, and make sure that your pet is up to the task of being on his or her best behavior for long periods of time every day. You’ll also want to make sure that your pet gets along with your coworkers, and with any other pets that might be in the office on a regular basis.
  • Start Small: The best way to teach any pet a new trick is to start small. Don’t expect that your pup will be able to adjust to office life right away. Instead, take small steps towards making it through a full workday at the office. Start by bringing your pet in for a few hours or a half day at a time and work your way up to the full day. This will make the transition easier for you and for your pet.
  • Establish a Routine: Like humans, dogs are creatures of habit. If you’re planning to make bringing your pet to work a regular occurrence, it’s a good idea to establish a routine. The less special and out of the ordinary it is for your pup to accompany you to work, the less exciting it will be for your pet and the easier it will be for him or her to behave.
  • Desensitize Your Pet: Your pet will be exposed to lots of new sounds and scenarios while at the office. If possible, it’s a good idea to introduce pets to some of these new stimuli before they make their debut in the office. Shredders, printers, doorbells, intercoms, ringing phones – all of these sounds can be overwhelming to pets who have never encountered them before. Doing what you can to desensitize your pet to these things before you bring him or her to the office for the first time can make acclimating to office life much easier.

Looking for some additional tips for preparing yourself and your pet for life together at the office? Check out these helpful tips for bringing your dog to the office for some more insight to help you get ready.

Ready to Make Your Workplace Pet Friendly?

Pet friendly offices offer so many advantages for pets, people, and businesses. While it may take some foresight and preparation to successfully implement a pet friendly workplace, it’s well worth it to do so!

Following the processes and procedures outlined above will help you start moving in the right direction when it comes to setting up a successful and pet friendly office.

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