11 Hilarious Office Pranks to Liven Up the Office!

Is your office feeling a bit dull? Are you looking for fun ways to liven up the atmosphere? A good office prank may be just what you need to bring out a few good laughs between you and your coworkers!

Here is a list of 10 of our favorite hilarious office pranks to bring some excitement to your work place.

11 Hilarious Office Pranks to Show your Coworkers Who’s Boss

The Purrfect Prank

For all the cat lovers out there, this is purr-fect!

Image: Imgur

The Classic Cup Prank

Image: Reddit, jawdene

Pimp My Ride Edition

Gather up all of the bright colored post-it notes you can find and go to town!

Image: Reddit Bzbzbzbz

The “We Put a Lot of Time into This” Birthday Card

Your coworkers will love how much creativity went into this card.

Image Source: Imgur

“Voice Recognized”copy machine.

Print out this and add it to your photocopier. Step back, wait and watch for some good laughs!

Image: www.thepoke.co.uk

A Multi-Purpose Paper Shredder

Who says you can’t kill two birds with one stone?

Image Source: Imgur

The Class Spider Web Prank

This could get sticky!

Anyone have a Rubber Band?

Image: Furryscaly

Get with Creative Autoresponders

Image: www.pocket-lint.com

The Classic Birthday Balloon Prank

There’s nothing more fun than popping 257 balloons in a row just to get to your desk.

Image: Reddit, williebeth

Make a BIG Grand Entrance with this Horn Prank

This one is perfect for those employees that come in in late every day.

Image: JJOEE

So there you have it! 11 of our favorite office pranks. Have you ever had a “prank-off” with a coworker? We’d love to hear what office pranks you’ve tried!

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