How to Recruit & Hire Virtually

Business woman conducting a video interview with make candidate

While some small businesses are struggling amid statewide closures, others are growing at a mind-blowing pace. Virtual meeting management and video production companies, game makers and sellers, cleaning service companies and many more, are seeing a boom in business due to the COVD-19 outbreak, which means many are looking to grow their teams.   

For work-remote companies, recruiting and hiring employees using a virtual process has always been the norm, but what about for the rest of us? If your company is looking to fill positions right now, but you’re not sure how to recruit and hire new talent in a virtual work environment, here are some helpful tips from companies who have done it sucessfully.

Expert Tips for the Virtual Hiring Process

Implement Video Interviews

When in-person interviews aren’t an option, video interviews are the next best thing. It can be difficult to discern a candidate’s personality and cultural fit from a phone or email interview. These qualities are much easier to evaluate when you can see the candidate’s body language and nonverbal communication cues. Make sure to do a test run of your chosen video conferencing tool with a colleague or friend the day before to ensure good video, audio and Wi-Fi quality. And scout the right location in your home, preferably one that is not too visually busy, but is well-lit and free from background noise. Learn more about hosting effective online meetings.

Ask the Right Questions

Because your hew hire will likely be working remotely, at least for the short-term, if not on an on-going basis, you may need to ask different questions than you would if they were working in an office. For instance, a candidate’s communication skills and technical savvy are far more crucial in remote roles, as is their ability to work independently and manage their own time. Asking questions about a candidate’s past behavior will help you determine if they have the self-motivation, direction and discipline needed to be a successful remote worker.

Put Candidates to the Test

In the past, you may have hired someone who was a good cultural fit – but didn’t necessarily have all the skills – knowing that you could train them later. However, in a virtual environment, on-the-job training and mentorship are more challenging, so it’s important to hire candidates who can hit the ground running. By conducting a skills assessment, you can gain an accurate understanding of a candidate’s abilities. Consider assigning a writing assignment, a graphic design task or a hypothetical IT problem for the candidate to complete or solve by a certain date and time.  

Maintain Communication

Companies have gotten lax with keeping candidates in the loop during the hiring process, often committing the corporate equivalent of “ghosting” in the dating world. During a difficult time, it’s more important than ever for companies to take a proactive approach to communication. Checking in, or sharing quick status updates on where you are in the process, can help build trust. With so much currently in flux, candidates will appreciate companies that keep them informed in personalized and empathetic ways.  

Is Your Company Growing?

Now is actually a great time to recruit and hire new talent. For one, most of the nation’s workforce is at home, which means candidates are likely to have more freedom and availability for phone and video interviews. In addition, the pandemic has caused many employees to question their job choices, and others are out of work altogether, which means there are more job seekers in the market right now.

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