Tips for Improving Your Office Environment

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Whether we like it or not, we spend a huge portion of our lives at work. In fact, many people spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace on a daily basis.

While this may be somewhat of an alarming realization, if you’re comfortable and happy in your workplace it might not be such a bad thing.

Wondering what steps can you take to improve your office environment and make it a place where you’re content to spend so much of your time? You’re not alone!

There are quite a few things you can do to enhance your workspace. Here are 7 of our favorites:

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Life Better

How can you create a better work environment for yourself and your coworkers? Whether you’re a manager or a worker bee lower down on the company totem pole, these tips can help you make the office a more comfortable and customized space.

Make Your Workspace More Comfortable

You spend a lot of time at work, likely at your desk, so you might as well be comfortable there! Do what you can to make your space as comfortable as possible. Invest in a comfortable office chair, or try a standing desk if you’d rather be on your feet. Bring in some photos of your family, pets, or things that make you happy. Keep items and supplies that make your job easier (or just more fun) easily accessible on your desk. Even small changes can make a big difference!

Not quite sure where to start? Check out these ideas for creating a more ergonomic workspace set up.

Strengthen Your Team

Sometimes, the best way to improve your environment is to improve your relationships with the people you’re in the environment with. You spend hours upon hours of time with your coworkers, so you might as well enjoy that time! Team building can help to forge deeper connections and can help newer employees start to feel more at home in the workplace.

Not sure you can get your colleagues to buy into the idea of regular team building activities? Start small with these easy in-office team building opportunities.

Update and Enhance Your Desk

Is your desk cluttered and covered in office supplies you never use? Does looking at the piles of papers sprawled across the entire surface make you feel anxious or uneasy? Then do something about it! External clutter often contributes to inner turmoil, so if you take a few minutes to organize and update your desk, you might feel a lot better overall.

There are a few easy things you can add to your desk that will most definitely improve your life at work. Check out these office desk essentials and invest in those you’re missing right away!

Change Up Your Routine

This may not seem like a way to improve your actual workspace – but hear us out. Getting out of the office during the day can help to change your work life for the better. A change of scenery during the day can help you from feeling stir-crazy, antsy, and anxious during the workday. This is true for your coworkers and colleagues as well. Taking regular breaks can help to make your overall work environment a more positive place to be, both for you, and for those you work with.

Make it a point to spend your lunch break outside of the office. Here are some ideas for things to do during lunch when you’re not sitting at your desk!

Add Some Greenery

Plants in the workspace offer a variety of benefits. In addition to bringing some of the outdoors in and creating a fresher, more vibrant environment, plants can help to reduce sickness, keep the air clean, decrease stress levels, enhance creativity and more!

Wondering which plants you should introduce to your workplace? Check out our list of great office plants and their benefits here.

Incorporate The Outdoors

Bringing the outdoors in to your workspace is in the same vein as adding some greenery, but takes it a step further. Many workplaces have realized that incorporating nature within the workplace provides a number of benefits – and they’ve started taking steps to ensure that employees have access to nature and other living things in and around the spaces where they spend their days working. From rooftop terraces to window boxes, there are many ways to bring the outdoors in, and many advantages to gain by doing so.

You can learn more about the movement to bring more elements of nature into the workplace here.

Do What You Can To Keep Others Happy

The attitudes of those around you can powerfully impact your environment. As a result, investing in employee happiness and truly paying attention to it can make a huge difference in terms of improving the atmosphere in a workplace. While some methods of working towards employee happiness may fall under the jurisdiction of supervisors and managers, there are ways for workers at any level in an organization to contribute to the happiness of others.

Wondering how to go about helping yourself and your colleagues work happier? Here are a few ideas.

Take Note Of Personalities and Manage Accordingly

Working with a team can be challenging, but most jobs involve at least some team oriented work. Ineffective collaboration can be awkward and frustrating, which can result in the souring of an office atmosphere. In the face of team projects, try to take stock of what each person has to bring to the table and work to ensure that each person is assigned a role in which they will thrive. It’s also helpful to acknowledge that everyone works differently, and that different management or coworking styles work best for every person.

Effective management can improve employee motivation and attitude, which – in turn – can help to enhance an office environment. Understanding how to collaborate effectively with various personality types can make a sizable difference. Learn more about office personalities and how to connect and collaborate with different personality types here.

Start Improving Your Office Atmosphere TODAY!

If you’re hoping to transform your workplace into a place people actually want to be, these tips are a good place to start! While some are a bit more involved and require buy-in from your teammates, others are easy and more individualized, making them easy to implement right away.

Looking for other ways to improve and enhance your workplace? Check out the Office Space Tips and Tricks section of our blog for more helpful ideas for improving life at the office!

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Editor’s note: This content was originally published in 2018, but has been updated as of October 2019.