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Inexpensive Office Space for Boston Startups

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

It can be challenging to maintain your professional and productivity when you’re working from your kitchen table – or worse, the basement or your kid’s playroom. But not every startup is financially ready to to sign a commercial lease.

These inexpensive alternatives will get you our of your house and into a professional office for a lot less than traditional Boston office space.

Share an Office

When you can’t afford your own apartment, you get roommate, right? Well, the same solution can apply to office space. According to this Jacksonville property management company anyone from financial planners and web designers to interior decorators and career coaches can successfully share office space, as long as you keep the space neutral, maintain a schedule, and communicate with each other. By sharing the rent and other overhead costs, a once unobtainable office is now affordable.

Join a Co-Working Community

Co-working, or hot desking, has only grown in popularity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many established businesses downsizing in favor of flexible, shared office spaces and short-term leases, co-working offices are popping up everywhere, including the Boston area. Not only are the rental fees typically cheaper than traditional office space, but these co-working spaces offer many other benefits for startups, including networking opportunities and referral business.

Create Your Own Co-Working Office

While co-working communities are popular, they tend to be located in metropolitan areas. If you know other entrepreneurs or small business owners going through the same challenges that you are, you could start your own co-working space in the suburbs. All it takes is a few phone calls to local entrepreneurs or small to mid-sized business near you. If you find enough people willing to move in, you could actually make money by renting an office.

Check Out Local Libraries & Coffee Shops

Depending on whether you prefer total quiet or a little background noise, local libraries and coffee shops are a great alternative to your kitchen table. They’re also ideal for anyone who can’t afford to rent their own office or co-working space. Not only is the space free, but libraries and coffee shops typically offer free public WiFi, as well.

Rent a Furnished Executive Suite

If you’re a solopreneur who truly prefers to work independently, shared offices and co-working communities may not be the best fit. In this case, renting a furnished executive suite may be a better alternative. Executive suites are typically located inside office buildings alongside other businesses, but your space is completely private and fully furnished. You’ll also enjoy other amenities, such as free WiFi and conference rooms – all for an affordable fixed rate.

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