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Meeting, Event & Conference Venues in Wakefield MA

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Looking for a venue in the Boston area where you can host a conference, party, or event? If so, we have a suggestion for you:

Find a venue outside of Boston.

Yes, you heard us right. OUTSIDE of Boston. There are a number of good reasons we recommend finding conference and event space outside of the city.

Read on to learn about the advantages of renting conference and event spaces in locations surrounding Boston, like Wakefield MA.

Benefits of Meeting & Event Spaces Outside of Boston in Wakefield MA

While hosting an event in Boston can sound appealing and convenient, the truth is that there are a number of complications you’ll often run into when trying to find an event venue in the city – not to mention the challenges you’ll likely face while hosting the actual event.

Here are just a handful of the advantages you’ll gain by renting an event space in a community like Wakefield, outside Boston.


People are often disappointed to find that the downtown Boston venues they’ve been eyeing for their event are way out of their price range. Affordable conference and event spaces in Boston are very hard to come by – and many times when you do find one, it lacks the amenities and features that you’d hope for in a Boston venue.

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to renting conference space, it’s in your best interest to explore meeting and event space options outside of Boston – especially in smaller suburbs like Wakefield.

At The Lakeside Park, we offer a few different conference and event venues at affordable price points. For larger events, we recommend the Lakeside Inn, which is located right on the Lakeside Park premises.

For smaller gatherings, including conferences and business events, our short term office space rentals are a great option to consider. We have a number of spaces available in various sizes and layouts, suitable for hosting anywhere from 5 to 30 people and all affordably priced!

The long and short of it is that you’ll get MUCH more for your money when you rent a conference venue in a Boston suburb like Wakefield MA.


Parking can be one of the more challenging aspects of hosting a conference or event in downtown Boston. On street parking can be hard to find, especially for a significant number of attendees, and many conference and event venues do not have their own on-site parking.

At The Lakeside Park in Wakefield, we provide on-site parking for those hosting events and conferences with us. This significantly simplifies things for both you and your guests.

Easy Accessibility

One major perk of hosting an event in Boston is ease of accessibility – both by car (though parking can certainly be a hassle) and by public transportation. Many people think they will lose out on this perk by hosting their event in a Boston suburb like Wakefield, but that’s not actually the case.

According to this Honolulu property management company many Boston suburbs are quite easy to get to via public transportation, meaning that the event venues in these areas aren’t as challenging to reach as many think. Wakefield, MA in particular is accessible by both train and MBTA bus. The Lakeside Park is located just a half mile from the Wakefield train station, and we’re right along the MBTA bus line.

Whether you have attendees driving themselves or making their way to your event via public transportation, The Lakeside Park is a convenient choice.


There’s nothing quite like the charm of a lakeside town – and at The Lakeside Park you and your guests will be able to truly bask in it! Our office park is located right along the shores of Lake Quannapowitt, with many of our event spaces overlooking the lake.

Even better, because we’re in a park-like setting, those attending your meeting or conference can enjoy walking the paths surrounding the lake, taking in the beautiful natural surroundings and enjoying a truly unique experience while they’re here for your event.

While it may not be downtown Boston, it will be memorable all the same – perhaps more memorable since an event here provides more than just a typical ‘downtown in the city’ experience!

Access to Local Conveniences

Easy access to local conveniences makes life so much easier for both those attending an event and those hosting the event. In Wakefield, as in many Boston suburbs, shopping, groceries, restaurants, coffee shops and other local conveniences can all be found within minutes.

Whether you’re looking to give attendees options for things to do during downtime or conference breaks or you know you’ll be picking up last minute items as you finish coordinating your event, access to local conveniences is hugely helpful – and something you’ll absolutely find if you rent out our event venue in Wakefield.

Host Your Next Event at Our Conference Venue in Wakefield MA

Just a short way from Boston, our affordable event venues in Wakefield MA are a great option for those considering venues in the suburbs rather than in the heart of the city. If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable place to host your next gathering or business event, The Lakeside Park’s meeting and event spaces are definitely good options to consider!

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