Moving Your Business? Here’s Where You Need to Change Your Business Address! [Checklist]

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If your business is relocating, you likely have a lot on your mind. Changing your business address should be one of those things!

Everyone who has ever moved knows it’s a pain to change your home address. Unfortunately, the same is true when it comes to changing your business address. If you want your clients and customers to be able to find you once you’ve relocated your company, you need to make sure your business address is updated everywhere it is listed.

We know moving can be exhausting and complicated, so we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist of all the places you need to change your business address when your company moves.

Checklist of Places to Change Your Business Address

☐ The US Postal Service

This is perhaps the most obvious place to change your address, but it’s one of the most important as well! Notifying the post office of your business address change will be hugely helpful when it comes to making sure you still receive all mailed correspondence – even mail that is sent to your old address after you’ve moved.

☐ The IRS

It’s important to let the Internal Revenue Service know that you’ve relocated. This is key to ensuring that all of your tax information stays up to date with the government, and all federal tax documents are able to make their way to your business when necessary.

☐ State Department of Revenue

Letting the State Department of Revenue know that you’ve moved is in your best interest, as you’ll want to be sure you receive all necessary state tax documents at the correct address.

☐ City or Town Government

Keep any local permits and certifications up to date by informing your city or town government that your business has moved.

☐ Local Chamber of Commerce

If you are a member of the area chamber of commerce, be sure to let them know your business is relocating! You’ll want to make sure anyone they refer to you can still find you.

☐ Industry Associations

Let any industry associations your company is a part of know that you’ve moved locations. You’ll want to be sure they know where to find you with important materials, and in case they have leads or credentials to pass along.

☐ Utility and Service Companies

Update your service address (and cancel service at your old location if necessary) for electricity, Internet providers, trash services, and any other organizations that serve your business and provide utilities.

☐ Credit Card Companies

Let your credit card company know that you’ve relocated so they have your correct billing address and are sure to send statements and correspondence to the right place.

☐ Bank

Inform your bank that your business has moved so you can be sure they have accurate business information on file to help prevent fraud, and so they know where to send statements and other important banking information and documents.

☐ Vendors

Reach out to all vendors that you work with to let them know your business is now located in a new place.

☐ Clients and Customers

Make sure your existing clients and customers still know where to find you even after the move. Reach out to them directly to inform them that your business will be relocating.

☐ Signage

Keep in mind that your company signage may need to be updated with your new address information.

☐ Company Letterhead

Once your business moves, you’ll need to invest in updated company letterhead. Unless absolutely necessary, you should discontinue use of the letterhead that features your old address to avoid confusion.

☐ Email Signatures

Your email signature is another important – yet often overlooked – place where your business address should be updated. This is a quick and easy fix. Don’t forget to remind your coworkers to do this too!

☐ Business Cards

Everyone in your company will need new, updated business cards featuring your company’s new business address. Be prepared and have these ready before the move takes place so you can begin using them as soon as you open your doors in the new location.

☐ Promotional Materials

From brochures and posters to pens and keychains and everything in between – all of your business’ promotional materials will need to be updated with your new address.

☐ Website

Make sure your business address is updated throughout your website. It may be listed in multiple places to be sure to review your site carefully!

☐ Online Business and Directory Listings

Online business and directory listings are a great way to help consumers find your business on the web, so making sure these are updated with your new address is a must!

☐ Social Media

Your business’ social media accounts are another way for customers to find your organization. Be sure to update your address in the account information and, leading up to the move or after the move (or both), create a post or two to let your followers know your business is relocating.

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