How to Set Up Your New Office Space… Fast!

hand truck moving offices and quick office set up

Moving is always a hassle, but there’s little worse than moving offices and losing productivity. No one likes to see office moving and set up hit the bottom line.

To set up your new office space quickly and efficiently, you’re gonna need a plan. We’ve got one.

FIRST – Set up your cable, internet, phones, and alarm system.

Your new property manager will have all the information you need to get set up, and you can schedule the phone/internet/alarm guy(s) to be there while you’re measuring the space or painting so you’re not wasting time just sitting around for the 3 hour window the company gives you for install. This also means that if you need to be there to supervise contractors there will be internet and phone so you can be productive while they’re working.

SECOND – Choose your office supply company.

Maybe you’re going to stick with the old one and just need to update your accounts. Maybe you’re thinking about switching to Amazon Prime or a local company. Whatever you decide, make sure you look into membership options with shipping deals or discounts on bulk orders, then start ordering what you need in the new office. (Even if you’re going to use a local company for office supplies, you should consider an Amazon Prime account for your business. There are always countless little things you end up needing – with Prime, you can have them within two days or even same-day in some locations!)

THIRD – Measure your space and make mock-up room layouts.

Nothing wastes more time than getting furniture that doesn’t fit like you think it should. Measure your space and then create a to-scale room layout so you know exactly what you need before you get to the furniture warehouse or start ordering online.

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FOURTH – Pay for movers and furniture assembly.

Margins are everything in small business, and movers can feel like a big expense, but they’re far cheaper than losing productivity because your employees are staring in befuddlement at directions from IKEA rather than doing their jobs. If you have to move on a work day, have everyone telework that day while you and your office manager supervise the movers and/or furniture assembly crews. Moving will always cause a little dip in productivity, but it doesn’t have to completely halt operations.

FIFTH – Don’t forget to decorate!

If you’re not into decorating, you can bet someone on your staff is. Give them a budget and let them have at it. Decorating is fun and a pleasant office atmosphere makes for happier and more productive employees.

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