Spring Clean Your Office! Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

New England winters bring salt and sand, dust and dirt and, unfortunately, lots of germs into our Boston offices and homes. Most of us set aside time to deep clean our homes, but what about spring cleaning the office?

Whether spring marks the end of your busy season or the start, it’s a great time to organize your work space and eliminate winter’s grime.

Not sure where to start? Check out The Lakeside Office Park’s Office Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Dust & Sanitize Desktops

Use compressed air to dust keyboards and computer vents, and wipe down computer monitors. Remove everything from your desk and wipe down the surface with an antibacterial cleaner. Sanitize your keyboard, mouse, trackpad, writing tablet and stylus with disinfecting wipes. Your desk phone is likely one of the germiest places in your office, so use a disinfecting wipe to clean off the buttons and receiver.

Organize Files

Take everything out of your filing cabinet and decide what needs to stay. Place old or inactive files in archives, or shred unnecessary documents, and create files for new clients, customers and projects. Organize what you are keeping chronologically, alphabetically, or in order of relevance, and consider color-coding to separate files by task.

Clean Up Data

A virtual clean-up is just as important as organizing your filing cabinet and desk drawers. Delete unnecessary files and sort needed materials into well-labeled folders. Uninstall programs or apps you no longer use, and run a virus scan. Do the same for your email inbox. Delete or archive messages and set up folders or filters to help you stay organized.

Refresh Décor

Swap out the framed photos on your desk with current pics of your family, friends or pets. Pick up a new mouse pad, coffee mug or water bottle in spring colors to help brighten your day, and use fresh-cut flowers and potted plants to breathe new life into your space. Take home or donate unnecessary clutter, such as unused books or that spare set of winter boots.

Scrub the Breakroom

Just like at home, your office fridge, coffee maker and microwave likely need an overhaul. Notify colleagues ahead of time, so they can label or remove items they wish to keep, then toss out expired condiments and unclaimed Tupperware with mystery leftovers. Clean up drips and spills inside the fridge and microwave, and wipe the outside handles and buttons with antibacterial kitchen cleaner.

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