Tenant Spotlight: Ancora Psychological, LLC

At The Lakeside Park, we’re all about building a strong sense of community among our tenants. Our convenient location, affordability, and proximity to dozens of local communities have made us one of the in-demand properties in the Wakefield area when it comes to office rentals, attracting organizations in a variety of industries.

We love getting to know the different people and businesses that call our office park in Wakefield MA home.

Getting to Know Ancora Psychological

Recently, we took the time to get to know our tenants at 591 North Avenue, Door 3, First Floor. Here’s what we learned about Ancora Psychological!

Please tell us a bit about your organization:

Ancora Psychological is a mental health private practice run by three psychologists. We specialize in the treatment of children, adolescents, and families. We offer individual, couples, and family counseling to the greater Wakefield area.

We’ve been open since August of 2015, and we have proudly been a tenant at the Lakeside Office Park for the entirety of our existence.

What makes your business unique?

Ancora specializes in treating the entire person, not just the symptoms that a person is experiencing. We offer in-depth, evidence-based, and compassionate care that is built upon the belief that our symptoms do not define us.

How long have you been at the Lakeside Office Park?

We have been at the Lakeside Office Park for as long as we’ve been an organization – since August 15, 2015.

What led you to the Lakeside Office Park?

One word… Quannapowitt. We love the convenience (being minutes away from I-95 and I-93). We love our office space. And we love that whenever we want fresh air, beautiful Lake Quannapowitt is steps away.

What do you like about being a member of the business community at Lakeside Office Park?

Being a member of this close-knit community has allowed us to develop strong connections with our neighbors. A large percentage of our referrals, interns, and referral-sources are in the very same building in which we work. We have greatly enjoyed the “family” atmosphere, and how helpful the staff have been.

Please tell us a bit about your space…

We are incredibly happy with the highly-professional buildout done by the Robs. We love our beautiful doors, professional paint job, and lush carpets. We are complimented on our space on a regular basis.

Check out an inside look at our space below:

What are the biggest benefits to your business being located at the Lakeside?

We are a stone’s throw from Boston, the North Shore, and just about all of Eastern Massachusetts. We have also been very impressed by the helpful and responsive Lakeside Office Park Staff.

Learn More About Ancora Psychological!

Interested in learning more about Ancora Psychological? Visit their website here for more details on everything they have to offer! If you’d like to schedule a consultation with a member of their staff, you can do so here.

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