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The Advantages of a Satellite Office

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

If your organization is expanding, or perhaps reorganizing as a result of the pandemic, the concept of a satellite office may have come up in conversation.

Establishing a satellite office has become a popular option for companies in a variety of industries, including those in the service and retail sectors.

What is a Satellite Office Location?

A satellite office is essentially a smaller branch location that is part of, or affiliated with, a company that has an established headquarters elsewhere. It can be located in a different city, region, or even country than the company’s main location.

Satellite offices, which can also be referred to as branch offices, are typically smaller than headquarters.

The Benefits of a Satellite Location For Your Business

Looking to further explore the prospect of setting up a satellite location, or branch office, for your business? Here are a few key advantages you’ll want to take into account.

Increased Convenience

One of the main reasons that companies set up satellite locations is for convenience. Having an alternative business location can up the convenience ante in a number of ways – for employees, employers and customers alike.

Firstly, a satellite location can make the commute easier for both employees and customers. Think about it: a satellite location with available on-site parking is significantly more convenient than a crowded downtown location where street parking is the only option.

A branch location can also enable a business to divide up the services that they offer. For instance, while corporate-level matters can be handled at the main headquarters, individual client meetings can be held at a satellite location. This can make it easier to meet client needs, and enables employees to specialize in the specific services they offer.

Multiple business locations can also reduce crowds, since clients will have a number of locations to choose from when they need assistance and they won’t all flock to one.

Reduced Cost

While convenience is a huge advantage, expanding into a branch location can also be a way of reducing costs. According to Avalon Group, this may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out.

If your business is looking to expand, it will likely need more space. More space costs more money, especially if you’re located in a prime location like Boston or another major city.

Finding more office space in Boston – or expanding your current space in Boston – can be costly, but setting up a satellite location outside the city, in a location where office space is in lower demand and is therefore more affordable, can be a way to expand your business while ultimately saving significantly on the cost of renting space for your growing business.

New Connections

Setting up a satellite location in a new place can help you to make new connections in a new geographic area, growing your client base and potentially even positioning you to further expand your business down the line.

If you expand through a satellite location or branch location in an office park like The Lakeside Park, you’ll be able to connect with new customers as well as other local businesses and tenants.

These new connections may help you to further grow your business or lead you to new opportunities you may not have encountered otherwise.

Community Relationships

In addition to developing new connections, with a branch location you’ll also be establishing roots in a new community. Expanding into a new location gives your business the chance to connect with and serve a new group of people, while continuing to foster your current client relationships.

You’ll be able to expand brand awareness among new potential customers, while developing a deeper relationship with a community that you’ve likely already been serving, just from a bit further away.

More Space

This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of setting up a branch location, but it’s a benefit nonetheless. With a satellite location, you’ll have more flexibility and space to further expand and grow your company, your offerings, and your team.

If you’re looking to continue growing your organization, investing in more space is one of the key steps you’ll need to take. Expanding into a satellite location is a great way to go about doing so.

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