9 Tips For Bringing Your Dog To Work in Boston

Dog waiting by the door to go to work with owner

Are you lucky enough to work in a pet-friendly office? These days, more and more offices and workspaces in the Boston area are becoming pet friendly – and for good reason.

There are LOTS of benefits of pet friendly workplaces!

If your employer has established a pet-friendly workspace and you have a dog, you may be tempted to take advantage of this awesome perk and bring your dog to work in Boston. But before you do, there are a few steps you should take to be sure you, your pup, and your workspace are well prepared!

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you get ready to introduce your dog to your workplace in Boston.

How to Prepare to Bring Your Dog to Your Office

1. Check with Your Boss or Supervisor

Even if your workplace has been established as pet friendly, it’s still a good idea to check with your boss or supervisor to make sure that your dog will fit into the mix. Complete this easy preliminary step first, before you get too excited about bringing your pup with you to the office.

2. Make Sure Your Coworkers Are on Board

Even if you have the approval of your boss, you will want to be sure that the other people you share your day with will be okay with you bringing your pet to work. There’s a good chance many of them will be interacting with your pooch, and if they are prepared for (and excited about) you bringing in your dog it will be a better experience for everyone in the office – including your dog!

3. Ensure Your Pet is Appropriately Trained

As a dog owner, you know best what your pet can and cannot handle. Before you consider bringing your dog to work in Boston, be sure that your dog can stand being in an office space for a day. They will likely get a lot of attention from strangers, and will have to be quiet and calm for long periods of time. If this is something you think your pet can handle – great! If not, consider doing another round of obedience school before you introduce fido to the office.

4. Make Sure Your Space is Pet-Proofed

Before bringing your dog to work, you will want to be sure that your furry friend will be staying out of trouble! Though your office may be dog-friendly, your individual workspace may not be. Check to make sure that there’s nothing your pup will get into, and that there is a good space available near your desk where your dog can relax.

5. Bring Some of the Comforts of Home For Your Dog

If your dog always relaxes on a specific bed or pillow, bring it into the office with you or get a second similar one to keep at work. Leave it out of the way of your coworkers, but close enough to you that your dog won’t feel separated. Consider bringing in some of your pup’s favorite toys and treats as well to make fido feel welcome and comfortable in his or her new space.

6. Do a Trial Run

Before bringing your dog into work for a full day, try bringing him or her in for a quick visit. Letting your pup get familiarized with all of the new sights and smells in the office will make for a much less stressful experience when he or she comes back for the whole day. It will also give everyone in the office a chance to get to know your dog and see how nice it is to have a pet in the office!

7. Be Prepared for Things to Go Wrong

Sometimes, even when everything is planned for, things still go wrong. Your pup might have an accident indoors, might whine or bark at your desk, or get anxious being away from home. Plan ahead by bringing some quick clean up supplies, and remember that you might need to work up to a full day. Speaking of which…

8. Start Small

The best way to teach a dog a new trick is to start small. After the initial trial run and introduction, be prepared to start small in terms of your dog’s days at the office. Bring your dog to work for a half day first, or even an hour if that’s best, and then work your way up to a full day.

9. Be Ready for Your Routine to Change

As you probably know, accommodating a dog can be a big commitment. You will need to make time in your day to walk your dog, take him or her outside to take care of business, and offer some love and attention. Before you commit to bringing your dog to work, make sure that you have enough flexibility in your schedule to properly care for and pay attention to your pup. Your routine will definitely change – perhaps for the better – but it’s important to be prepared for the adjustment.

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