6 Tips For Making Your Workplace Dog Friendly

Office dog in pet friendly workplace

There are numerous perks and benefits to welcoming pets into your office environment – perks and benefits that more and more organizations are looking to take advantage of!

Though many companies are interested in becoming pet friendly, most don’t quite know where to start when it comes to creating a pet friendly environment in the workplace.

Making your workplace pet friendly doesn’t happen overnight! There are a number of important steps to take to ensure the safety and comfort of both the employees and the pets that will be joining you in the office.

Interested in making your workplace dog friendly? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Tips for Creating a Dog Friendly Workplace

Most pet friendly workplaces are set up to accommodate traditional household pets, like dogs and cats. Dogs are the most common pets that typically accompany their owners to work. Here, we’ll share 6 important things you should do if you’re planning to make your workplace dog friendly.

1. Scope It Out

Before starting the process of transforming your office into a pet friendly workplace, you’ll want to scope it out to make sure your office environment is conducive to being dog friendly. A few things to consider:

  • Is there enough space to welcome a few new furry friends into the mix?
  • Are there easily accessible outdoor areas where dogs can relieve themselves during the day?
  • Do employees have offices where their pets can be contained, or do you work in an open environment with mostly cubicles?

2. Get the OK

Check with the proper authorities in your office, including your supervisors and the building landlord, to make sure that creating a dog friendly workplace is acceptable. You may also want to check with your coworkers to be sure everyone is on board with welcoming pets into the workspace.

3. Establish a Pet Policy

This is a MUST if you’re hoping to have success with a dog friendly work environment. Take the time to collaborate with others in your office to create a pet policy. This should be a formal document that includes:

  • What types of pets are allowed in the office
  • Screening requirements for workplace pets
  • Rules that must be followed by pets (and their owners)
  • Where in the office pets are and are not allowed
  • Grounds for banning pets from the office or revoking pet privileges

4. Gather the Necessary Supplies

This may sound obvious, but when you are setting up a dog friendly workspace, you want to be sure to keep the dogs in mind! You’ll need pet supplies on hand to be sure that your new officemates are comfortable and safe throughout the workday. Though employees should be expected to bring supplies for their own pets, it may be helpful to have the following supplies on hand at the office:

  • Water bowls
  • Poop bags
  • Extra leashes
  • Baby gates or pens
  • Toys
  • Dog beds
  • Lint rollers
  • Carpet cleaner

5. Pet Proof the Office

Ensuring that your pets are safe in your office space will involve doing some dog proofing before you open the doors to employee K9s. Make sure loose wires are secured and that any potentially chewable supplies or equipment are placed out of reach. You may want to cover garbages throughout the office and block off any areas where dogs absolutely should not go. Walk around and take a careful look at things from your dog’s point of view to come up with other ideas of what could be problematic for pets.

6. Let All Employees Know Ahead of Time

Before you start welcoming pets into your workspace, be sure to inform your fellow employees that your office is becoming pet friendly. You want to make sure they are on board and comfortable with the new dog friendly workplace policy. Without buy in from most (if not all) employees and coworkers, pet friendly office spaces are destined to fail. Let your coworkers know well in advance of the change so they can adjust to the idea – and prep for bringing in their pet if they’re interested!

Make Your Workplace Dog Friendly!

Think your workplace might be a good fit for pet friendliness? With these tips you’ll be well equipped to give it a try.

In most cases, the long term benefits of having a pet friendly workspace far outweigh the initial challenges of establishing pet friendliness in the workplace. Keep these tips in mind and you can set up a dog friendly office easily!

Need to convince your boss that a pet friendly office is a good idea? Sharing these benefits of pet friendly workplaces might help to get them on board with the idea! 

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