What Type of Office Space is Right For You?

Business owners choosing an office space

These days, there are so many different options when it comes to office space. From traditional office spaces with dozens of cubicles and executive suites to innovative off-location office spaces made possible by telecommuting, the possibilities are endless.

So when it comes to being a productive (and happy) employee, what type of office space suits you best? Here are some important questions to ask yourself as you’re choosing an office space!

Key Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

Choosing an office space that works for everyone in your organization can be a challenge. Here are 10 important questions to ask yourself as you’re trying to narrow down your office space options.

1. How much can you afford on an office space lease?

Budget is a key factor when it comes to selecting office space. Don’t overshoot. Stick to what you know you can feasibly spend and look exclusively at spaces in that price range – even if that means considering different location options for the style of office space you’d like. If you have a limited budget, don’t be discouraged. There are a number of perks when it comes to renting older, outdated office spaces! (Learn more about the benefits of renting older office spaces here.)

2. Do you work better while isolated or surrounded by a group?

Some people thrive in an open office environment, while others work much better if they are in a quiet location removed from all distractions. To get a sense of what style office space might work best for your business, try to figure out where you (and your employees) are on the spectrum between community workspace and complete isolation. If you’re all leaning towards the community side, an open concept office space, shared workspace, or bullpen style set up might be best. If most people prefer isolation, a space with individual offices or offering the opportunity for employees to work remotely may be the way to go.

3. Do you host a lot of client meetings?

If your company brings clients in for meetings and collaboration sessions on a regular basis, you’re going to need to look for a space that offers conference rooms and constructive meeting spaces. If most communication happens via email or the phone and you don’t have a frequent need for in-person meetings in your line of work, you have a bit more flexibility and can consider some less conventional office set ups – like co-working spaces.

4. Will you have enough room to grow?

Company growth is likely one of your goals – but chances are you won’t want to completely relocate your business as soon as it starts growing. Look at your office space options with company growth in mind. Will you have room for additional employees when the time comes? Will you have enough space to accommodate meetings with a larger number of clients? Don’t overdo it and invest in a space you’ll never grow into, but don’t think so small that you’ll immediately outgrow the space either.

5. Is the office location you’re considering convenient for clients?

Take a look at where your clients and customers are coming from. You’ll want to make sure your office location remains convenient for clients, especially if you’re moving from one location to another. If you’re launching a brand new business, you’ll want to have a sense of the geographic area you’d like to target when it comes to generating new clients and customers.

6. Is the office location you’re considering convenient for your (key) employees?

Whether your business is a startup or you’re a well established company moving to a new space, you’ll want to make sure your employees aren’t going to be disgruntled by the move, especially those who are imperative to the success of your business. Make sure your key employees are on board with the move before you move forward with choosing a space.

7. Where is the office space located in relation to your competitors?

Have a few key competitors in your industry? Keep an eye on where they are located, and if you’re considering office space options make sure you don’t accidentally tread on their territory. Chances are it’s not going to be ideal to move in to an office space right next door to someone who’s competing with you for your customers.

8. What are the key customizations you’ll need to make your business feel at home in the space?

All property management companies are different in terms of what they allow when it comes to office space customization. If you find a space you like and you hope to move forward with a lease, be sure to go over your plans and needs in terms of the key customizations and changes you’re hoping to make to truly make the space your own. If those updates are good with the management company, that’s great! If not, and they are non-negotiable for your business, it’s probably in your best interest to continue your search.

9. What kinds of transportation and parking options are available?

Believe it or not, having an on site parking lot with plenty of spaces available can be a huge perk of an office space. Employees and clients tend to really appreciate being able to park on the spot, without having to search for on-street parking. Similarly, the convenience of taking public transportation to work is something that many employees look for when they’re considering a job. While this might not be a feature of the actual office, it’s still an important factor to keep in mind as you’re choosing a space.

10. What’s included in the lease you’re signing?

Understanding what your lease terms are, the services and amenities that are provided by your property management company, the type of lease you are signing for your business, etc. can be hugely important when the times comes to choose an office space. Be sure you understand the lease throughly. Pay attention to whether or not utilities are included, what types of alterations you can make to the space yourself, the options for terminating a lease early and the other ‘small print’ details. In the end, these aspects of the agreement can actually make or break your experience in your new space.

Find the Right Office Space for You Near Boston MA

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*$13.50 per square foot base lease plus $2.50 per square foot for utility surcharge = $16.00 per square foot total