What is the Best Color for Your Office?

Think it’s best to keep it simple and go with a neutral paint color for your office? You might be surprised by the impact it has on morale and productivity. More than simple aesthetics, the color of your office has a real physiological effect on you, your colleagues and your clients. It affects our moods and can influence our thoughts.

Office Colors & How They Affect Us

So which color is best for your office? It depends on the type of mood you want to create. Do you want to inspire collaboration and action, or deep contemplation and creativity? Would your clients be more receptive in a calming space or one that exudes confidence? Whether your office is filled with bold sales people, quiet creatives, or high-end clients, there’s a paint color that’s perfect for you.

Office worker's place with modern interior in red tones

Red is an intense color choice, but if you’re brave enough to use it, the benefits can be quite rewarding. It’s proven to boost energy, spark excitement and induce action. It also stimulates conversation, and works well in conference rooms, collaborative work environments and sales offices.

Modern office interior with yellow funishing. 3d Rendering.

While yellow is often associated with sunshine and happiness, it can also lead to feelings of frustration and anger when used in large amounts. Your team may be more likely to lose their temper or become combative in a yellow office.

Executive offfice with blue wall

Blue is unique color because its different shades evoke very different feelings. For instance, navy blues tend to bring up sadness, while warm or bright hues (think periwinkle and turquoise) can have a calm, refreshing effect. If your work is intense, a sky blue office can help your team to relax.

An office reception area with sofas near a window

Green is also proven to relieve stress and promote harmony, as it combines the sunny side of yellow with the relaxing nature of blue. Balanced and reassuring, it’s a good choice for any office where money is changing hands, and because it’s easy on the eyes, it’s great for teams that work long hours.

Spacious waiting room in a modern clinic

Light purple has a restful quality that can put your employees to sleep. However, darker shades of purple can actually promote deep contemplation and spark creativity. Rich purples also exude sophistication and luxury, making them the perfect color palette for offices serving high-end clients.

Orange office waiting area with multiple seats and reception desk. 3D Rendering

Orange blends the excitement of red with yellow’s sunny warmth, creating a balance of energy and comfort. It’s often used around food, making it an obvious choice for an office break room, and because orange is considered a “fun color”, it tends to work well in casual office lounges.

Contemporary board room with wooden table,brown hair and world map on wall - 3D Rendering

Many offices use gray (or white or beige) in an attempt to look sleek and modern, or simply to keep things neutral. The problem is, without color, an office is also devoid of energy and it can feel downright depressing. Because of its neutral nature, gray can also suggest a lack of confidence to your clients.

Customizing Your Office Space

No matter what industry you work in, your office space should reflect your company culture and personality. Unfortunately, not all landlords and property management companies allow tenants to make changes to their office space, but The Lakeside Park does!

We want all of our tenants – and their customers – to feel right at home, which is why we offer office space customization at our office park in Wakefield MA. The level of customization typically depends on the lease term, but we’d be happy to discuss your individualized needs with you.

If you’re a business owner in the market for customizable office space near Boston, give us a call at (781) 557-5555 or contact us.