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Why Solopreneurs Should Consider Renting a Small Office Space

Updated: Feb 28

In this day and age, more people than ever before are working from home. Some are working from their kitchen tables, some in spare bedrooms, others in dedicated office spaces within their houses.

But despite the fact that remote work from these household locations is possible, for many employees and solopreneurs, it’s not actually the most productive way to work.

Small Office Rentals to the Rescue

While some individuals are content and productive working from home, small office rentals offer a better work environment for many – even those working independently.

It may seem counterproductive to rent an office when it’s feasible to work at home or from another remote location – and for some small business owners that may certainly be true.

But for those struggling with burnout, setting boundaries between work life and home life, or those who haven’t quite hit their stride working in their temporary at-home setup, a dedicated office space can be the solution that saves them.

The Benefits of Small Office Spaces

Small office spaces offer a handful of advantages well worth considering, even for those who own their own businesses or are an organization’s sole employee. These benefits include:

A Quiet Work Environment

Yes, it’s possible to work from home – but being constantly surrounded by distractions can ultimately hurt your business’ progress. Renting a small, private office space will give you the quiet work environment you need to get things done efficiently.


Handling work with kids playing or pets making noise in the background can be a challenge and a significant distraction. With an in-home office, even a closed door often isn’t enough to ensure the privacy you need to work effectively. An off-site office space can change that.

A Business Address

When it comes to marketing your business, it’s helpful to have a business address that is separate from your home address. According to this Portland property management company renting a small office space in a different location can give you an address that is specific to your organization.


Forget about your makeshift office space in your spare bedroom or dining room. A small office space can be completely customized to meet your personal and business needs.

Separation of Work Life and Home Life

Many business owners struggle with the balance of juggling their work and home responsibilities. With an office space rental, you can physically separate your work from your home, which can be a huge advantage when it comes to achieving a comfortable work/life balance.


When you rent a small office space, you can expect added convenience. Even though you may have to commute, maintenance and upkeep will likely be handled by the property management company.


Renting a small office will provide you with a professional space you can use for in person meetings with clients and customers, rather than meeting with them in your home or at a local coffee shop. No more scrambling around to get the dishes out of the sink or toys off the floor as the individuals you’re hoping to impress are walking up to your front door.

Room for growth

Many office parks offer the opportunity to upsize your space if your business grows. With your foot in the door having rented an independent space that you like, you may be well positioned to secure a larger space if you take on additional employees or collaborators.

Coworking and collaboration potential

Working in an office space that’s nestled amidst other entrepreneurs and small business owners can help you make connections in the local business community, opening doors for collaboration and coworking.

Leasing a Small Office Space for Your Business

Even for solopreneurs, small office spaces can be hugely helpful.

Looking for affordable office space in the Boston area?

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