5 Winter Must-Haves for Boston Area Offices

woman with a cup of hot chocolate on her desk at the office

If there’s one thing Bostonians can all agree on, it’s that New England winters are pretty brutal. And when you’re stuck inside an office for the few fleeting daylight hours, winter can feel downright miserable.

While we can’t do anything about the snow, or the black ice, or the wind chills, we can recommend a few winter must-haves for Boston area offices (or any cold weather city), that will make the next few months seem a bit more bearable.

Winter Necessities for Offices Near Boston

Coat Racks & Boot Trays

Instead of hanging bulky winter coats on desk chairs and cubicle walls, invest in a coat rack or two for the reception area. Boot trays in the entryway will also deter co-workers from tracking snow, salt and sand through the office. Consider adding a simple bench to make it easier to change into and out of winter boots.

Shovels & Snowbrushes

There’s nothing worse than cleaning snow off your car with your hands. A small basket of community snowbrushes with ice scrapers (think umbrella basket) can come in handy if an unexpected snow storm hits mid-day, as will an office shovel. It’s a good idea to keep a pair of jumper cables in the utility closet, as well.

Tissues & Hand Sanitizer

Winter colds are inevitable, so make sure you stock up on tissues. Consider giving each co-worker a box for their desk to stop the spread of germs, and strategically place hand sanitizer stations around the office. While your job may feel like a breeding ground for illness, there are some things you can do to stay healthy at work this winter.

Heaters & Blankets

It’s the old office conundrum – what temperature should the thermostat be set at? It seems co-workers are either bundled up in multiple layers and still freezing at their desks, or burning up because the heat is blasting. Instead, keep the heat at a moderate 70-72 degrees and supply space heaters for those who need a little extra warmth. Blankets and wraps also make great Office Secret Santa gifts.

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows

We don’t know if it’s the taste of childhood or those mini marshmallows, but there’s something about a cup of hot cocoa that can make even the coldest, grayest New England winter day feel just a little bit brighter. Stock the break area with holiday mugs, hot chocolate packets, and don’t forget the marshmallows!

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